Pereg Quinoa Pops

Pereg Natural Foods is a family-owned company that has been in the business for over 100 years, specializing in over 60 varieties of gourmet food products. The latest addition to their lineup of ancient grains is this heart-healthy quinoa cereal — a fun-loving twist to the protein-packed powerhouse! Available in 4 flavors, Quinoa Pops are nutrient-dense, all-natural and perfect for a well-rounded treat any time of the day. Squat New York designed the packaging using bubbly, eye-catching colors to match the delicious sweet flavors and playful crunch. To resemble the true POPS! effect in the logo, we combined cursive calligraphy with blind embossing for a raised texture. The explosive lines and illustrated polkadots evoke a playful look that make the Quinoa Pops truly pop out on store shelves. Featured in: IdN Magazine, The Drum Creative Showcase, The Dieline

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