Hi, I'm Laura Dreyer!

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Pereg Quinoa Pops
Pereg Flour
Gold and Silver Banking Card Branding
Rococo Illustrated Packaging
Education Policy Icons
Jewel Fragrance Packaging
Ruby Fragrance Packaging
OpenX Adweek Proposal Illustration
Spending Statistics Infographic
Yahoo Travel Illustrated Map
CAVA Academy Brochure Design
Partner Programs Book
Erudition Schools Logo
Book Owl Logo
Center For Active Design
State Flag Icons
Winterland Celebration
Illustrated Infographic
Milk Chocolate Packaging
Paper Sculpture Icons
Education for All Infographic
Technology Icons
Joy of Learning Illustrations
Individualized Schools
Red Riding Hood Storyboard
Learning Party!
The Wardrobe Raid Poster
Presentation Illustration | Your File System
Illustrated Maps
Submerge | Digital Painting
Sally | Digital Painting Series
The Studio | Logo + Branding
Peak┬╣┬▓ Logo
Vintage Twister Game Ipad App
Cincinnati Museum Website
State Flowers
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